Sources for Ramps?

I’m new to videorack, although not to Eurorack, and I’m addicted! I’m learning a lot every day, but there is still tons that I don’t understand (like almost everything). One thing that seems clear to me, the more video ramps the better (note: I am not very interested in found footage, only in generating footage from within the videorack… although that might change if I get into Processing, as I plan to).

I have a Visual Cortex and a Vidiot (plus all this in the P-9 case dedicated to video, and they would seem to me to by only source of ramps (although really only the Cortex splits them up for use by Navigator and Shapechanger).

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There is the Cadet IV Dual Ramps module. (diy)

That would be great but not an option given my eyes, eye-hand coordination, and abilities.

You can make ramps with the Prismatic Ray. Ramps alone don’t make a good patch, though. You need to be able to combine and process them in creative ways. Passage, Staircase, Pendulum, and Doorway are all very important for pattern generation. Color Chords, Staircase, Navigator, Marble Index, and Polar Fringe take you another step up the ladder of complexity. The Orion series adds additional power to pattern creation and processing.
You might want to check out Diver, which ships next month. It offers a lot of ramp outputs.

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If you want a Cadet IV, but don’t want to (or can’t) build it yourself, there are other people who will:

You have a powerful source of ramps in the cortex. you can add variety by mult’ing them out (passively or actively through a Bridge). You can get great variety on these by mixing the ramps through the Bridge mixer (Add/Subtract/Inverse) then using the bridge faders.

If you’re into generative work, add more sources (prismatic rays) if you’re able to before adding more ramp sources.


Arch and a mixer (passage is a good one :slight_smile:) are your best friends for creating ramp-based shapes.

“Video Ramps” was an old Visionary module from LZX that provides 8 different ramp outs… it’s hard to find though, and I wish there was an Expedition version! Ramps are very very useful