Scopic 1v Slowboy

Hey y’all,

Fresh new modulation hot off the plate:

1v Slowboy

In the lineage of the NLC Sloth, Slowboy produces smooth bipolar chaotic control voltages. The signals trace lazy arcing orbits around two strange attractors. Never repeating, they swirl around one gravity well before being ejected onto the other. Slow may complete a cycle in fifteen seconds, Slower will take a minute or more.

Outputs -1v/+1v for precision modulation of the LZX standard. Add dynamic, irregular movement and animation to your patch with a bit of personality.

We’ve been working on this one for a bit, happy with how it turned out.

$120 on our website:


Here’s a scope shot in XY mode to give an idea what the voltages are like. This is “Hence” on the X-axis and “Fro” on the Y-axis. To & Whence are just inverted versions of their name-bretheren.

It tends to start orbiting small, do some increasingly larger orbits and as it gains velocity it gets sucked into the gravity of the other attractor where the pattern begins again.

We’ll do a proper demo video in the coming days/weeks :wink:


Looks great! Is it fixed to swing between +/-1V or can it be set to 1V - 0V?


I use a lot of sloths in my system, happy to be able to get rid of the atenuators…:slight_smile:


Swings between both, would need to post process it w diffrect or something if you want to keep it strictly positive.

Good question!

Nice module. Just what I wanted, so I ordered one right away.

When I looked yesterday, I didn’t see it in modulargrid. Any chance you’ll be adding it there?

Hey mate, dropping it off @ the post in about an hour :slight_smile:

Good call, just added it to MG - sent em a PM to see about getting us in the list of mfg’s so for now its under “Unknown/Other”


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Link changed to this now that we’re in the MFG database

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