Scaling a video file for processing

I´m trying to process a music video that has the aspect ratio 4:3 and on the material that comes out of the video synth there are these black bars on the side that are not on the original material. How should I prevent this?

Hey @Strutter could you perhaps explain a little more? Maybe share some pictures and signal flow?

Are you sending the 4:3 video into your video synth, processing it, and at the ouput you get black bars on the side?

Are you recording at 16:9 and getting letterbox? What are you recording with? Or is the issue on the preview screen.

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I have a video file that is it in 4:3 aspect ratio on a mini mac and I´m using an hdmi to component converter to get the signal from the computer to the video synth, and as I´m processing it is there are these black bars on the sides and the picture seems like its been squeezed somehow. I´m recording it with an intensity shuttle but the issue is seen already on the preview screen.

What hdmi to component device are you using? I’d be willing to bet that’s the problem. Can you plug it directly into your monitor to check? (the component signal, I mean)

Also check the display settings on your Mac mini, if you’re sending out a 16:9 image over HDMI then that will introduce the bars. See if you can set the output resolution to 640x480.