Aspect ratio issues with Blackmagic converters

I have a BMD Teranex Mini Analog to Optical (without the optical module, it also has a SDI output) and a BMD Mini Analog to SDI, and it appears neither wants to convert composite video to a 16:9 digital format. I’m recording with a BMD Hyperdeck Studio Mini. Sources I’ve tried are the LZX modular and a Roland V4 mixer.

Recording at SD resolution yields files that Quicktime on MacOS reports as 4:3; recording the Teranex Mini’s HD conversion gives a pillarboxed 16:9 file.

Any ideas?
I’m baffled!

The converters are a little hard to configure. It took me a while to realise that the Processing DIP switch cycles thru the modes. So you just have to toggle Processing off and on again until you get the mode you want. I guess they could only use 8 switches and had to do it this way to get all the options.

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I just tried playing with the BMD Mini’s switches, but it has no effect on that unit.

Putting an UpDownCross HD in the chain fixes it if I upscale, but I feel like I should be able to record 16:9 NTSC right into the Hyperdeck without tying up a really useful box–and I’d rather record SD anyway for disk space reasons.

Interestingly, the Hyperdeck’s HDMI output is correctly shown at 16:9 by my Eyoyo monitor in both preview/record pause mode and playback.