BMD Analog->SDI Mini + UpDownCross HD vs. Teranex Mini Analog -> SDI

I’m looking for a conversion and scaling solution for my Cadet’s composite video output. The main use is to feed projectors and such. I know the Teranex Mini will need a cheap SDI->HDMI box to do this, but I
m ASSuming that will Just Work.

I can get either of the solutions in the title for around the same price ($300-350), so it’s down to features and actual use.

Can anyone think of a reason to favor one over the other, or is there something else I should be looking at?


+++plus—> updowncross



If you haven’t already, you should also look at their SDI->HDMI micro converter.

Oh! I just noticed that the Mini Converter UpDownCross HD model has an HDMI output. I’d not known this before today. Thanks.

I still can’t comment on which may be best for your needs. Of all these devices, I only have experience with one of them. That’s not nearly enough to form an opinion, nevermind a recommendation. I can comment on the 5 BMD products I have used: they’ve all been 100% totally solid.

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If it matters, I think the UpDownCross is only 3G (1080p?), and the Teranex Mini is 12G (4K?). So a little more future-proofing with the latter.


this is something I’m considering in all this information gathering

While my current needs/wants are not for 4k I’m sure it would be nice at some point in the future
this is what makes me less sure about something like the ambery option

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The Teranex Mini’s UHD option is only for upscaling incoming HD analog video, however, and the manual is not specific at all about what “HD” and “UHD” formats they are, exactly.

I’m leaning toward the mini analog->SDI + UpDownCross HD.

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I like this option because if you were to go into the 4k realm your updowncross HD could just get replaced with an SDI => 4k and you would be good to go

Which BMD SDI to 4k are you referring to? I just happened to have seen this while looking down for the updowncross HD on ebay
there are also some decent prices on the BMD analog to SDI boxes on there every time I’ve looked…

hmm weird I changed the link (was to ebay) as the item had ended and the new item was not the same
SDI to HDMI 4k