How do I connect my output to an HDMI projector?

Some projectors contain analog component or composite inputs, but they often use low quality analog-to-digital converters. For the best possible performance, we recommend a high quality Analog to HDMI upscaler. This will allow you to send a very high quality HDMI signal from your system to the projector or any display with HDMI input.

We’ve experienced great results using the HDV5 Converter from


I will second the HDV5

In fact we can likely answer any question about quality converters and scalers for reasonable prices by citing Ambery. For 6 years, anytime i’ve ever need a converter, it’s been the first place I looked

Can any one recommend a converter that takes composite RCA or s-video and outputs HDMI? I usually run my system through an Edirol V4, and have been using a Roland VC-1-SC scan converter, but get all these awful interlacing artifacts.


Here we’re using Blackmagic Mini Converters… Analog-to-SDI then SDI-to-HDMI.

Oh rad! Those are way cheaper too. What resolution is the HDMI output after the signal travels through both mini converters? Hoping for 1080p.

I don’t see an analog-to-SDI anywhere on Blackmagic’s site–am I missing something?

I did find this on Ambery:

Does anyone have experience with it?

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I found this on B&H.

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so would there be any benefits to going the black magic analog-SDI-HDMI route via the two separate devices vs the ambery HDV5

is it mostly whatever fits best into your workflow?

also is this the other device being talked about? SDI - HDMI

wouldn’t there still need to be a scaler?

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Maybe Lars was referring to this.

Yes, I forgot that step…
Analog to SDI -> UpDownCross -> SDI to HDMI
It’s not a cheap signal chain at all, but these converters get reused in different contexts all the time. That Ambery HDV5 looks just as good though.

Just ran across this attractive looking fella:|.html

hmm interesting so I guess I don’t understand what the SDI to HDMI box is used for in that setup it looks like there is a HDMI output on the UpDownCross right?

this seems a little too good to be true but I first saw someone using it on the video circuits page. I haven’t used it and can’t confirm anything

I see that there is also a updowncross HD that has an HDMI output where updowncross has several SDI outs

so I’m guessing with the updowncross HD the SDI to HDMI box wouldn’t be necessary

Yep, if you used the UpDownCross HD with the HDMI output you won’t need the additional SDI-to-HDMI converter.

1 Like I was just looking at this box which for about $30 more than the updowncross HD unless I’m mistaken would allow for more than just 1080 HDMI output if that is what you are looking for

I have been successful with this composite to HDMI ambery unit you mention. but only use it in particular situations. these days I have an all component mixer and I run Component to HDMI with this guy.

I had a chain of black magic converters once to get HDMI converted to component for entry into my mixer. but I was very unhappy with the results. To do that task, I now use this one.

not perfect but im using two in my live rig. and the above scaler.


I ended up getting a BenQ projector with a composite input for doing visuals in public places and a BMD Analog -> SDI box for capturing to my new BMD Web Presenter or (in transit) BMD ATEM Studio HD.

The signal is really jumpy on the analog to SDI, however. I haven’t updated the firmware yet and am hoping that’s the issue. Capture looks gorgeous @ 720p otherwise. :heart_eyes:

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Since Ambery HDV5 Converter was mentioned – has anyone managed to get a decent capture of HDV5 dvi/hdmi output (1080i) with BM Intensity Shuttle or perhaps any other interfaces?

Have tried 3 different BM boxes (all HDMI input):

  • Intensity Extreme – so far the most stable box, however dropped frames not uncommon while capturing
  • Mini recorder – wasn’t able to capture at all
  • Intensity Shuttle TB2 – in 50% of cases similar problem – VDMX5 or other software just don’t recognize incoming video signal from HDV5

HDV5 works rock solid otherwise, never had any problem using it with any HDMI projector.

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weird I’d love to know too I’ve got a ambery HDV2 that just does transcoding the edirol v440 (does plenty of scaling) and some various extron scaling boxes (VSC, DVS)
I just bought a secondhand intensity shuttle so I’ll try to see if any of those work on my end

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I’ve been using the Blackmagic Mini Converters - Blackmagic Design Mini Converter Analog to SDI and Blackmagic Design Mini Converter UpDownCross HD for a couple months now with no more interlacing issues. They’re also way cheaper than the Roland scan converter I was using before, which is awesome! Definitely would recommend them. Thanks for the advice!


I have used the same combination as @alexpelly with excellent results into both a projector and a Blackmagic ATEM switcher. The Mini Analog to SDI is pretty easy to find used on Ebay for a good price. The UpDownCross HD is a little too recent to find on the used market.

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