Sawtooth wave form with prismatic ray

somone knows how to output a saw from prismatic ray ?

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Here’s the method I discovered earlier this year.

Take the triangle output from the PR and feed it into the mixer on the Bridge, set to invert. Feed the output and the original triangle into the Crossfader, using the square wave to switch between tri and inverted tri. Adjust the pedestal and gain controls on the PR until you have a sawtooth. (Pedestal at 12 o’clock worked for me.)

You can use a multiple to split the tri to avoid any voltage drop. I’m happy with the results from a passive split, but you might not be. Also, you might want to use the tri at the same time.

As a bonus, you can warp the sawtooth wave just like the triangle wave.:smiley: Feeding the square into the Multiply VC input also works, but someone else discovered that. I like both techniques.