Prismatic Ray installation


just received my memory palace and got a prismatic ray too. MemoryPalace works well, I was able to create a few visuals and output them using DVi.
Now with the Prismatic Ray I wish to try a few things such as controlling parameters on the memory palace or generating a color when using RGB input on the memory palace.

Problem is the Prismatic Ray is doing nothing, no green LED blinking at all, doesn’t matter what range I’m choosing.

If my understanding is correct, to control sliders on the MemoryPalace, range knob on PR should be set to 1 or 2. If I want to use the PR to generate wave as a color input on the MP then I should use the third (horizontal) or fourth (vertical) on the range knob.

On the rear of the Prismatic Ray, there is to RCA port for sync, do I have to do anything with there and the ones on the back of the Memory Palace ? I can’t find any precise documentation about that so far.

Thank you

Yes. Connect an RCA cable from the sync out on Memory Palace to the sync input on Prismatic Ray.

I don’t have time to transcribe this post from FB which answers some of your questions, but I hope you can access it and get the information you need:

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Do any of those suggestions help?

Hi guys, and thank you for the answers.

I’m still not able to have the green light blinking. I’m using some RCA cable (the yellow one) which are maybe not good enough. I haven’t bought the one from LZX so the sync is apparently not working. Are the needed RCA for sync specific ?

PS. It’s me on facebook as well. I posted on both, sorry for duplicate. His suggestion doesn’t make it here also…

Here is a photo of the current cable setup. Anything wrong you think ?

The sync connection looks correct. Does the Prismatic Ray’s LED light up in any configuration? If not, it might be dead. Where did you get it?

Unfortunately the green led never light up. PR comes from LZX directly.

You might want to contact LZX to get a service ticket started>

maybe try only powering the PR to see if it works by itself
maybe there is some kind of power issue
but it would be weird for that to be the issue if the memory palace is working fine

Yeah I will contact LZX directly I changed the RCA cable to a newly bought one and no green light.