Prismatic Ray frequency range

I recently bought a new Prismatic Ray, just a couple of weeks ago. When playing with fine grid lines, and comparing with my older VWG, I notice that the PR has considerably lower maximum frequency - the WVG wins with a factor 3! The PR cannot be “scared” up any further, not even with positive CV into the FM inputs. With positive CV into FM, the VWG actually gets up to a ratio of 4:1 compared to the PR!

Is this normal? Or is it not properly calibrated?

I attach pics of the screen with WVG in the upper half and PR below, both at their highest possible frequency without CV (using the PW-modulatable output on the VWG and the Square Wave on the PR). Second picture is a close up to show the ratio.

That’s correct, Prismatic Ray has a lower max frequency range. The priority was to set the minimum point of the sweep at about the same point as H ramp and V ramp, and then maximize the sweep from there.

Thanks, Lars. Good to know!

The reason VWG got much higher was the presence of a frequency doubler on the triangle core’s output. Staircase has 5 such circuits and can work on a whole 2D pattern, so if you have one of those, try post processing the Prismatic Ray outs with it to get into some tiny details kind of territory!

I suspected that was the case, due to the dual pulse out. I built up my system very recently, triggered by the arrival of my Vidiot in September (obviously I liked it :wink: ), and a lot of things have been out of stock since, but I gathered some bits and pieces. Sadly, I missed the last stocked Staircase in Europe by an hour just recently, but I know new stocks are coming after this (Orion-caused?) gap. I really look forward to try those core modules: Staircase, Doorway and Curtain. But I am putting my audio modular to good use instead.

But I have been able to create some fine details with using various combinations of Mapper, keying in Polar Fringe, Arch and other tricks!