X3+ Prismatic Rays

please can someone specifically show us an example of the result of using at least 3 (or 4) prismatic rays, as opposed to 1 or 2?
thank you, best wishes

Here’s a gimme answer: patch em to red, green, and blue channels of your encoder, then patch them all among themselves!

Super quick example that would benefit from more experimentation (using 1x Prismatic Ray + Vidiot oscillators):

Also, as in audio, phase-synchronized FM synthesis is a crazy universe that will do all kinds of interesting things, but the higher dimensionality of video will tend to mean you can accommodate more oscillators and feedback connections before everything turns to noisy mush.

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I have 2 but i wanted to see what 3 or 4 can do, in comparison
(thinking about ‘how many oscillators do i need’ thread. how far the dimensions/shapes can be pushed)

Two oscillators is a 2D pattern. Four is a 2D pattern with sub-modulation and variations OR two 2D patterns (which can be composited.) I would say even smaller systems can benefit from 4+ oscillators, especially if that’s your primary mode of working.

Doorway and Staircase, when fed ramp waveforms (from Visual Cortex), can also generate patterns in an oscillator-like way, so you could also shoot for a mix of these modules and oscillators.

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