RECALL: LZX Stairs, Proc & Sum/Dist modules shipped before July 11, 2022

LZX Industries announces a recall of Stairs, Proc, and Sum/Dist modules shipped before July 11, 2022.

The recall is necessary because some eurorack power supplies will not provide sufficient initial current to immediately power the modules. Recalled modules will receive modifications to their PSU assemblies that allow them to be used with all eurorack power supplies. This recall is optional. If your module is working as expected, or if you prefer to switch to direct 12V power, you are not required to participate.

To initiate an RMA for your module(s), please email

You may return the entire module, or, if you feel comfortable removing it, only the PSU assembly.


What type of startup power increase are we talking for gen 3 compared to normal usage draw? seems like its a good thing to have some numbers on if its going to be a concern for those of us who will continue using eurorack power.


In this case there’s not a specific consumption threshold to be worried about – it’s a case of an unexpected interaction between the startup sequence of the regulators on a specific revision of the Gen3 power board, and with the startup sequence of some (but not all) EuroRack power supplies. It can be fixed by changing the startup sequence, hence the required rework. The issue does not apply to any modules outside of the ones listed in the OP.

To be clear, with the Gen3 modules and power consumption, just add up the 12V current per module the same as you would normally with any EuroRack module, make sure it’s within your EuroRack power supply’s limits, and you should be OK.


How long will this recall be valid? I have the modules listed above but have yet to install them into a system as I will not have a power supply until November.

There’s no limitation on it, if you’re effected by the issue then we’ll get you fixed up!


Haven’t tested my Stairs yet, but will probably do this as it’s from the first batch, thank you! :blush: :pray:

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Hi -
worth mentioning here for others:

slow-ramp up power is a PSU thing. not a ribbon-vs-barrel thing.
simply moving to direct (barrel/CPP) is not a guaranteed solution .

I am using Meanwell lrs-100-12 for my direct 12VDC supply.
It is causing same ‘cold start’ issue with all 4 units: Stairs/Proc/SumDist/Matte
powered via dc-barrel.

also worth mentioning:
corollary that the Doepfer PSU3 is made out of meanwell gak -
& is other euro-psu that i have seen mentioned by name in this.

ironic that my 20 years trust in meanwell for DC power supplies has now only once been ill fated. if only temporarily.



That’s correct, and an important point. The ribbon’s +12V and the barrel’s +12V are electrically identical when it concerns the module’s power entry circuit. The connectors may have different properties (shielded DC barrel jumpers are probably best) but ultimately it’s the power supply that can either cause this issue, or not.