Raspberry Pi capture

Hi all,

Looking for a bit of conformation of the Memory Palaces DVI output. I’m trying to capture the output from a Raspberry Pi running a HDMI to CSI card with a Toshiba TC358743XBG chip. I can get signal in from other sources just fine but when trying from the Memory Palace I’m not getting anything. I know that the capture card has trouble with if HDCP is being used. So my question is, does the Memory Palace’s output have HDCP enabled? Or has any had any success getting a RPI capture card to work at all with Memory Palace.


Alternatively, has anyone managed to get any Visual Cortex output to input into a raspberry pi via a HDMI to CSI card?

Don’t you need some kind of converter to do this (Visual Cortex output to input into a raspberry pi via a HDMI to CSI card), since the VC only outputs composite, svideo, and YPbPr? So the limitations of that setup would probably be down to whichever to-HDMI converter you end up using.

working with a cheap $15 usb -> AV convertor gets composite video into the raspberry pi just fine

that is what I use for Scrawl & Waaave_pool

Ah great, do you have a link to the one you’ve used? Also, what’s the latency like on it? I’ll be using the pi to stream to other devices so I need something fairly quick.

the latency isn’t really noticeable we used a rpi for some background video during our vidicon presentation