Capturing HDMI from MemPal into computer via simple gaming capture device?

Has anybody got any experience with these simple capture devices for HDMI video?
I have an Intensity Shuttle that doesn’t work on Mac and realized that MemPal has an HDMI output that I could connect to one of these. Would this work and be of decent quality?

…i have several of those and for my application (getting video into a Mac) they work fine - and are less lagging than the Elgato 4K…

…for (subjective) better quality for a project where i import several live video-sources into Resolume i have recently bought a variant from HAMA (4K in 1080p out), priced about four times of what the above dongles cost but still a fraction of the price for the Elgato 4K…

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Many thanks for the reply! I will have to check the compatibility with my old Mac OS, but the Hama looks like a great option.

Yep these things are great. They just introduced cam capture to iPads and these work with apps like denki studio. Soon with VJ apps like GoVJ. And even tho the input is only 576i the output is normal hd video modes like 720p do it works into atem mixers.

Would you share a link to the HAMA model please?

…there is a parallel discussion on