Ramps>Self-oscillating Audio Filter outs>RGB encoders


let’s dream together!
so here is one of my earliest video patches - ramps into self-oscillating multimode filter cv ins and an attempt to sync them (yes obivously these shapes kept on scrolling and only remained somewhat stable using the C1 sync out)

the various filter pole outs (filter module: A-106-6 and A-106-5) were going to C2 rgb encoder inputs

if i meant to create something like that along video lines (:D) what would i need? i have Doorway and Staircase and some color mixing module is on my mind obviously. what is on yours?

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I recommend Curtain or a pair of Curtains. Then you can do full video-rate filtering. The module itself will do a lot of mixing for you, but Color Chords or Passage will help. Doorway and Staircase are always nice.

BTW, that’s very nice work with audio-rate filters.

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Indeed! The thing is that it is the filter pole outs that create the pattern and the different color blending, that is where i am in the dark a bit.

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I’m particularly fond of bandpass filtering. One or more bandpass signals blended in a matrix works well for me. I’ve used that a lot in feedback patches too. However, video-rate filtering and mixing is critical. Audio-rate loses too much.

You may still use audio-rate filters with video signals for low-pass effects. Subtracting the filter out from the original video signal in a video-rate mixer (Passage or Cadet Processor) will do this. It should work with any filter type (LP/BP/HP, audio/video rate). Of course, Curtain has this kind of mixer builtin and it’ll give you 3 band ranges. I think you’ll need 2 Curtains to make a BP filter, but a single Curtain can do a lot of LP/HP filtering on its own.

For more extreme filtering, you could look for a second-hand Triple Video Multimode Filter module. This can do LP/BP/HP and a bonus mode, but it doesn’t do any matrix mixing, which is also helpful. So if you don’t already have a Color Chords, I recommend getting one now. It’s being discontinued, like the TVMF.