Curtain functionality and patching

I have had curtain for some time now and I have tried to utilize it in many ways in my patching.
There are many things I would like to get some understanding of.

The biggest question I have has to do with the blur/sharp knob. It seems that no matter what kind of signal I patch into it and how the switches are, turning it has little to no effect. Also the multiplier is something I don’t quite understand.

Some thoughts on the mix functionality and patching ideas would be very helpful too.
Thanks in advance!!

Okay, I have had some kind of confusion with the blur/sharp knob as I haven’t understood that it only applies when using the mix section, which to begin with wasn’t something I’m too familiar with.

Still it would be nice to hear insights from other users on curtain and filtering in video in general.

I’ve posted it a couple times around here but my go to non obvious answer is
an extra oscillator

with the mix output you can get more of the lowpass blurring effect

through the regular filter output you get straight up high pass

looking at the module diagram you can see why the high pass comes out of the filter output

so for the mix bit we need to understand what a 4-quadrant multiplier does.

“A 4-quadrant multiplier can be created using the crossfader to crossfade between positive and negative versions of the same signal.”

“Consider the following relationships for a 4-quadrant multiplier (bipolar VCA):
1.0V * 1.0V = 1.0V
0.5V * 0.5V = 0.25V
-0.25V * -1.0V = 0.25V
0.75 * -1.0V = -0.75V”


Thank you very much for posting it once more since I have somehow missed it earlier!!
Its pretty obvious that there are many things I´ve had no idea about this module.

I find hard to patiently investigate one module at a time without it getting out of hand immediately.
Definitely going to do more of that in the future.

I have watched the intro to image processing with the lzx multimode filter video on youtube plenty of times and it makes me wonder if curtain is able to do the same things as it is a lot smaller.
Are the functions somehow condensed into smaller space or is this an entirely different vision altogether?

btw. your postings on the wiggler lonbarde-threads have been most essential for me in getting into that world, so thanks for that as well! :slight_smile:


wow I haven’t been over to the CL forums for a little while video synths have really taken up y free time. I am so happy that the information there is still helpful. I’m patiently waiting for peter to announce the oval synth version of his stuber instrument or any version really.

I fully intend on doing more LZX informational posting as I did in the CL forums

I’m mostly trying to learn together with my wife so that eventually
when we bring the two sides together (LZX/video + Ciat lonbarde) it will be most magical

I too have a hard time really investigating one module with it getting out of hand quickly


The Triple Video Multimode Filter is a three channel unit. Curtain is a single channel unit that can do most of what TVMF can do but also a lot more. I have and love both.

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Cool! Combining C-L and LZX that way sounds awesome, a lot of uncharted territory to explore there!

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More specificly how does the Curtain manage to do most and some more than the TVMF? What are the type of things the TVMF does that Curtain can’t do? Because of the horizontal and vertical information of the signals and the possible ways to add and subtract, its hard for me to comprehend the way these things work. :slight_smile: