Creating "3D" objects



A thread for sharing techniques on creating fake 3D objects.

I’m currently working on creating a rotating cube tunnel.

Here’s what i have so far.

Expedition Gallery

So I made this quick and dirty vid (rescanned) to show you how Curtain looks likes when used to add depth into your 2d objects, its very nice.

How you made that patch with the the repeating-superimposed rotating diamonds?


I used feedback from the second channel of VC fed through Curtain to create the superimposed versions.


But Visual Cortex doesn’t have any outputs on the mixer section, only the ramps and the sync are the outputs I dont get how you output something from VC into Curtain? Or you mean you input back the video into VC and then used the those outputs?


Yes i just grabbed the main output and plugged back into cortex. Then took the Luma out of that inout and fed through Curtain.