Visual Cortex pre-encoder expander



Soooooooooooooooo I’ve ordered a MemoryPalace and was thinking on how my workflow could be with it! And to be honest I would love to use the MP as final stage + encoder because of the HDMI outputs…

The problem if I do it this way, I won’t be able to use my Visual Cortex’s mixing+keying section (which I love and use a lot) , because cortex don’t have RGB LZX lvl outputs, so I can only use it as encoder final mixer… unless

I want to use the hidden treasures of the Cortex, pre-encoder expanders. So my plan is to build a small PCB of maybe 2hp or 4hp, that has the pre-encoder outputs of the mixer as a double buffered outputs (will be using those 6172 @pbalj that we purchased)

I wanted to share the idea to double check how feasible is, but also to know if any of you find it interesting, or if I’m missing something or a mistake).

With this expander, I can use VC super duper mixing capabilities and send it to the MP inputs!


of course I would have to add 2 cables one 2x3 ribbon for the encoder output, and europower 2x5.

@pbalj maybe its a good idea for you 1u tiles