Color Chords Question

Hello –
I’m curious about Color Chords, but would like to learn some more about it before I order. I love the idea of layering different colors, but I’m not sure how this is achieved. Would I, for example, take a horizontal ramp from the Visual Cortex and into one of the Color Chords channels, then a vertical ramp into another channel, and then see different color layers in a composite image? It seems that when I toy with, for example, the solarization setting on the VC I already get wacky psychedelic colors already. How will Color Chords make this already crazy-colored patchwork even more interesting?


you have the idea but just remember if you are only sending 1 ramp into a channel of the visual cortex that means you would have all three color knobs to use on that one ramp (assuming you aren’t using them on channel B thus having the Mix switch down on that channel) however with color chords each input (other than the background) gets its own set of color knobs. This gives you a lot more individual control.

if you had two shapes made up (shape one diamond output from visual cortex ramp section and shape two a rectangle from a navigator shapechanger combo for instance) then you could take their outputs and put them into color chords lets say you want the diamond to be orange and the rectangle to be blue. This is easily achievable with color chords.

taking black and white images and giving them a specific color assignment is pretty powerful.

it also gives an extra channel of mixing potentially (send one channel into background another into the main color chords inputs then that output goes to visual cortex channel A and the third set of inputs could go to channel b of visual cortex)

it is also a straight up matrix mixer and doesn’t care if you are sending low and slow CV rate signals, audio or video

you can chain them together by using the output from color chords 1 into the background of color chords 2

feedback processing with a matrix mixer is absolutely wonderful as you can attenuate and send wherever you please

It all really depends on what you are trying to do :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the generous reply! It gave me some excellent patching ideas. Really appreciated.