Triple Video Multimode Filter refresh?

Hi. I really like the looks of the Triple Video Filter. Why was it discontinued? Any known problems? Will it be reincarnated? Any other options available?


TVF belonged to the Visionary series, which had everything in triplicate, for running separate RGB paths. The Visionary series was replaced by the refined and improved Expedition series. The replacement for TVF is Curtain. There are no plans to reincarnate TVF.


Curtain lacks the bandpass output of the TVF. While you should get similar effects using a pair of Curtains (see how the name works?), the TVF has 3 multimode filters in one relatively compact module. 3 pairs of Curtain modules would be effective, I guess, but extreme.

Regardless of which filter modules you use, I’d recommend using a mixer like the old VBM or the Color Chords. E.g. 3 bandpass outputs into channels 1-3 on the CC. This kind of patch works very well in a feedback setup with a single B/W camera.

I’m a big fan of the TVF. You can probably tell. :grinning:


Me too! I have TVMF and 3 Curtains and use all of them all the time. Curtain gives you way more control of a single channel than TVMF but I love the output of TVMF and the ease of use when using RGB.

Really can’t go wrong with either.


Indeed, I’m tempted to add a second Curtain to my synth. This module seems ideal for pairing like that. There’s even a clue in the name!

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