Pre Rookie Question

Really a pre-rookie here!

I would like to know which module converts sound to color lines/forms in sync with the audio.
Someone told me that the Sensory Translator is for me but I’m not sure. I saved some money for the Chromagnon but it’s probably too much for me (in the sense of things you can do with it)
What do you recommend, besides the obvious “Do not start at all?!?”

Thanks in advice.

Sorry for my broken english too.

sensory translator is a great module for making audio reactive animation. though its not really going to make bars or shapes on its own.

it has does have some frequency banded microphone outputs that can make unsynchronized horizontal bars in some of the mid ranges but i don’t think thats what you’re taking about.

overall you’re going to be sending sensory translator to cv other functions in the system. johnny woods 3 patches videos are a great reference if you haven’t checked them out!

You will need a core module if you don’t have one (visual cortex, cadet 1-2, chromagnon, vidiot).
Sensory translator on its own won’t output any video. Unlike eurorack audio, where you can just monitor audio at any stage, video needs encoding and decoding to display a video signal. This is where the core modules come in. They provide sync, and will encode the signals in to valid video.

Diver is for audio visualization. That might be a good option.


I’m pre/pre rookie! Aint got anything yet!

Just searching for an audio to video module! Not fancy stuff, really basic!

Thankyouverymuch for the answer! Now im lookin for diver!

You will still need a core module to use diver though.
If you just want simple audio reactive stuff and aren’t wanting to go deeper in synthesis maybe one of the Critter & Guitari devices.


Really dont like the C&G Gear.
So then I just have to wait this Summer for Chromagnon.

But thankyouverymuch again!

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Gieskes 3trins is another good starting point for what you’re after.

Structure, made by Erogenous Tones, is another option

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Sleepy Circuits Hypno is another option. I’ve mever used either but Ifeel like the Hypno isn’t as flexible as the Structure

If you can find a used Vidiot, that might be a good option for you. Has an envelope follower, two oscillators, video decoder, encoder, etc.

Otherwise, yeah, Chromagnon is a good start for LZX stuff moving forward.

For non-LZX modular/semi-modular options (most already mentioned above), the second section of the list at the top of this page may be helpful.

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The wave comber works on composite : Wave Comber Eurorack Module. DIY KIT. | Etsy

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Wave Comber came to mind for straight visualisation of audio, if that’s all you want

But if you’re already committing to the LZX system with the Chromagnon…
A Sensory Translator will give you audio modulation of video signals (ie, a beat or bassline can make the video patterns wiggle or change colour of your image)
And the Diver could offer a more literal representation of the waveform (as far as I understand anyway)
You could just get any generic Eurorack envelope follower - or even plug the raw audio signal in to any input!

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