Powering Cadet modules. Is it possible (or OK) to power 2 or more using one bus?



I was thinking of ganging together some so I free up buses on my Malekko Power. Could I just add a couple female headers to an existing power cable and plug multiple modules into it?


Yes, I’m doing this in my rig. The Cadets generally have relatively low current draw, so two of them are comfortably within the limits of the ribbon cable, and I haven’t seen any obvious crosstalk/interference issues.


@jeffskin They also make expander ribbon cables where you plug into one and you get a ribbon cable chain of additional plugs


I also have chained modules. this works great. go for it!
else, connect an extra passive busboard.


Awesome. Thanks everyone!


Late to the punch on this one, but I’ll just add that I have a module built from four Cadets on one power cable. Absolutely no problem.


Now I’m wondering what funky module you made…:space_invader:


Many – firstly, there aren’t any “single” cadets in my system, all of them are at least dual – there are numerous dual faders and proc/multipliers in my system. The larger one is dual input/sync with a fader acting as a CV switch to mux two rasters on a scope.