Daisy Chain Power

Hi All,

I have just built some Castle modules and I’m going to put them in my Vessel case. Is there any issue running multiple modules off a single power with a daisy chained power cable? Could this potentially damage any of the modules or power supply?

Everything seems to be working but want to make sure this is the right way to go.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

that will work. just like a flying busboard.
why are you doing this though? doesn’t the vessel have enough busboard space?

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Speculation: I can imagine that the op ran into the same issues placing the Castle modules in a Vessel that I did. The only spot I could fit the collection in mine is shown in the top two rows of this rack:

This stems from a combination of:
-the depth of the Castle modules
-the angles of the side of the Vessel (can’t place modules flush to side wall)
-the placement of power input circuitry, RCA bulkhead, and cooling fan prevents placing modules near there
-the power bus boards and depth of modules don’t allow for placement directly above them

The space I placed my Castles has nothing pinching theirs placement in the space. Still, the depth of the PCBs on a few of the modules make them nearly flush to the bottom of the case. This all adds up to 8 deep and narrow modules needing to get plugged into power. In a part of the case that is offset from the power bus boards which are to the side, not directly below the modules. A single custom cable connecting all of them together makes fitting them in a lot more manageable.

This is great news!

Yes, it’s exactly the case that the PCB’s on the Castle modules are very long and for better or worse my Vessel is getting a bit crowded. It really helps for cable management behind the scenes to run a single power as opposed to eight cables. Thanks for the help!

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I run plenty of multi-connector DIY power cables in my (admittedly relatively small) cadet system and haven’t had problems.

(edit: oops, didn’t realise this was an old thread - sorry)

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