Prismatic Ray no ribbon cable


Just started moving to a new skiff and realized my stored Prismatic Ray has no power supply ribbon cable :open_mouth:

Do I need a specific cable? I have a few audio modules around with similar looking cables, some obviously use less pins so I’m not sure what to use, any ideas?


16pin cable, just like audio modules. I really dig the heavy duty Modular Addict ribbon cables. Super cheap, too.

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Thanks for the speedy response.

Do you know are there extension cables of this type? Like a port and plug on the one cable…

for the cost of 2 or 3 ready made power cables you can get yourself everything you need to make quite a few of any length you need - all the tools you really need are some scissors and a hammer (see youtube)

I got myself a proper crimping tool for 8€, though (reichelt) - I think the connectors were 20cents each and the ribbon cable about 1€/m, maybe less if you buy more

they are really really easy to make


Thanks Agawell I must try that out!!