Pattern generator with Cortex, Diver, Faders

from my FB post:

Alright, here’s an actual patch… I’ve been using this pattern generator as the basis for my performance patches lately and you can get some pretty crazy results by putting modulators and modifiers in any of these patch connections. You can use a fader in place of Pendulum’s crossfader, It does require mults or stackables:

  • Diver H+V -> Cortex Colorize

  • Diver H-V -> Cortex Composite CV

  • Cortex H+V -> Cortex Red Left

  • Cortex H-V -> Cortex Red Right

  • Cortex H+V -> Pendulum A -> D

  • Cortex H-V -> Pendulum B -> C

  • Pendulum Out D -> Diver Wav in

Flip the switches on the cortex and punch buttons on diver and off you go… Try putting a Staircase or Curtain between the Cortex and Pendulum, and modulate any CV’s with animation/audio rate signals. Diver WAV attenuator is your major pattern depth control. Be sure to try different composition modes on every setup.


I have a Diver ordered. I’ll add that to the list of patches I want to try with it. Thanks!

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I’m doing the same… thanks

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