Patching upside down

Sometimes I will flip modules upside down, so the input/output distance is shorter. In context, let’s say I have a 6u case. In the top row, the module orientation is “standard.” The bottom row I will then invert the modules so I can reduce the number of long patch cables and it helps me develop different ways of patching my system. Using modules from the Visionary series this technique can be hit or miss whereas the Expedition series and the commonality of inputs/outputs being bottom-oriented, make it viable for this technique. Stacking 2 Prismatic Rays or 2 Staircases can lead to new, and unintended, workflows.

I have patched upside down before (literally), it can work, but you need a Tommy Lee style cage rotator.


Ditto! Yes, I do this as well and find it wonderfully satisfying.

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