Patching challenge contest brainstorm


One of my favorite community activities we’ve done since the beginning is the occasional user forum-based video synthesis patching challenge!! In the past we’ve had themes ranging from a variety of themes, like “temple” or “jellyfish,” and we’ve had contests about having to patch the geometry of vintage logotypes. I’d like to instigate another patch challenge soon to christen the new LZX Community forum, so if you’ve got ideas on creative prompts or challenge concepts, please post them here.


lips and teeth


fabric in the wind






Tv set! :slight_smile: because you can’t be too meta



I saw this logo while looking for the next one

the letter L

a start


We have been working on our rapid concept development and napkin drawing chops. This sort of exercise seems to have great Crossover with building concept reels or less than muddy patches. Going to start a 2019 Rapid Patchualization (name pending) thread to make this internal exercise more public. We hope others will see value in this and participate.

Patch of the Day #POTD 2019