[ORDER] Distribution Amplifiers

@meudiademorte: 1x Each - DM’d
@Robbertunist: 6x Module (A), 4x Module (B) - DM’d
@brdaniell: 2x Module (A) - DM’d
@wide_closed: 1x Each - DM’d
@jestern: 3x Module (A) - DM’d
@mrfang: 2x Each - DM’d
@wednesdayayay - DM’d

I am contacting everyone now. If you don’t hear from me in the next hour, please DM me.

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it would be super cool for the distro amp to have a +1V present at the outputs when nothing is plugged in!

I hadn’t considered that before but it could be very helpful to have some more static voltages in the system

just a thought for future revisions or other modules :slight_smile:


@Fox would love to pick up three PCB/panel sets for the YRGB distro amps if they’re still available!


Neat idea. I was working on a board that took a single input and shifted it both upward by +0.25v, +0.5v, +0.75v and downward by -0.25v, -0.5v, -0.75v. Alternatively without an input, the outputs present the above mentioned static voltages. I wasn’t sure how it could be used so I haven’t shown it off. Maybe I will.

@saiteron Sure thing, I will message you right now.


that sounds like it would be a fun modulation pal!

if you took a LFO into it and then used waveshapers/comparators/slews on the different outputs it would give a wide palette of system control.

I love the creativity keep it coming!


@Fox I’ll buy one YRGB distro amp! Awesome projects!

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Excellent! Messaging now…

Any built ones being made? Do you have a website these will be available from? Looking rad!

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if Fox doesn’t sell any built ones, i will be building 3 soon with 2 for sale. ordering parts this coming week and should be able to build before the end of the month.


Hi, if you still have two of Module (B) left, could I take them both please?
Let me know, with shipping to the UK


I have 30 more of these coming soon as well as the next (soon to be tested) revision of the RGB switcher.


Anyone in the US up for selling a built version of Module B?

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As soon as my op amps get here, I will have some built/ tested modules available. Each will come with a 5-6" power cable. Feel free to DM me and place claim.

  • Module (A) - 1:3 Distribution Amplifier - $74 (2 available)
  • Module (B) - Triple YRGB Distro Amp - $80 (5 available)


Updated Stock

  • Module (A) - 1:3 Distribution Amplifier - $74 (1 available)
  • Module (B) - Triple YRGB Distro Amp - $80 (1 available)
  • Quad Inverter - $79 (2 available)

Hey @Fox did you ever get another round of pcbs made? Id like 2x module A and 1x module B shipped to the US. Thanks.


If anyone in Europe is looking for these either built or as PCB&Panel sets, I’ve got a few of both buffered Mults available.

Just got my Fox multb and daisy and super excited to build them. Not a big deal but thought I’d give a heads up that there is a missing step in the build guide (for the trip YRGB mult) to populate the two 10uF electrolytics.