[ORDER] Distribution Amplifiers

My first official order thread!
To fund the next (and hopefully final) revision of my RGB Switcher, I made two different Buffered Multiples. I only have 17 of each of these for sale. I will likely have more made at a later date.


  • Module (A) - Dual 1:3 Distro Amp
    – 3U, 4HP, 40.64mm (1.6in) deep
    – 2pcs: 1xFaceplate, 1xPCB
  • Module (B) - Triple YRGB Distro Amp
    – 3U, 8HP, 40.64mm (1.6in) deep
    – 3pcs: 1xFaceplte, 2xPCB

Both modules are of course video-rate multiples and with cascaded inputs, each module can be used in several ways. the Dual 1:3 mult may be used as a Single 1:6 mult and the YRGB mult may be used as a 1:12 mult, Dual 1:6, 1:9 & 1:3, and more!
These would be great companions for the upcoming RGB switcher which will now have a switched VC input for the threshold pot. While these are labelled for YRGB, consider using the “Y” for several daisy-chained RGB switchers. :wink:

Available Options:

  • Module (A) DIY PCB - 1:3 Distribution Amplifier - $16
  • Module (B) DIY PCB - Triple YRGB Distro Amp - $19
  • Module (A) Built/Tested - 1:3 Distribution Amplifier - $74 (2 available)
  • Module (B) Built/Tested - Triple YRGB Distro Amp - $80 (5 available)


  • First Class to lower 48 states - $4
  • UK/Germany (1-2 modules) $14.50
  • Other Accommodations - please ask

I’ll combine shipping for anyone who wants more than one. Reply below, or PM me to get yours!

Below you will find the BOM and photo build guides.

Thanks everyone!


  • 337is: 2x Each - Shipped
  • rempesm: 1x Each - Shipped
  • meudiademorte: 1x Each - Shipped
  • dr_how: 1x Module (B) - Shipped
  • Robertunist: 6x Module (A), 4x Module (B) - contacted
  • brdaniel: 2x Each - contacted
  • wide_closed: 1x Each - Shipped
  • Jestern: 3x Module (A) - contacted
  • Mr. Fang: 2x Each - Shipped
  • cinema.av: 1x Each - Shipped
  • Saiteron: 3x Module (B) - Shipped
  • csboling: 1x Module (B) - Shipped
  • AnalogMonster: 1x Module (B) - Shipped
  • allthesixes666: 2x Module (B) - Shipped
  • DesertMuseum: 2x Module (B) Built - Shipped
  • MayToast: 1x (A), 1x (B) Built - Shipped

Dual 1:3 Distribution Amplifier

BOM, Build guide and Schematics

Expand for BOM
Qty Value Parts
4 100K resistor R1 - R4
10 499R resistor R5 - R14
2 100n capacitor C3, C4
2 10u 25v Electrolytic Capacitor C1, C2
2 1N4001 diode D1, D2
2 68R Ferrite Bead FB1, FB2
8 PJ302M Jacks J1 - J8
1 2x5 (10-Pin) male header J9
1 LM6172 U1

Expand for Build Guide

Populate shortest parts first.

Step 1: Resistors
R1-R4: 100k Ohm
R5-R14: 499 Ohms

Step 2: Diodes, Beads
D1, D2: 1N4001 (Alternate 1N5819)
FB1, FB2: 68 Ohm @ 100MHz

Pay attention to the diode’s stripe.

Step 3: caps
C3, C4: 100nF (MMLC or film box)
Optional: 8-pin DIL socket

Step 4: Electrolytic caps, power connector
C1, C2: 10uF 25v Electrolytic Capacitors
J9: 2x5 pin male header (or shrouded connector

Pay attention to the polarity. The stripe points to the negative pin.

Step 5: jacks
Place jacks in circuit board. Do not solder.

Step 6: faceplate
Line up faceplate and add nuts to jacks. Finger tighten and once the jacks are straight, solder jacks.

Tighten nuts fully,

Step 7: IC
U1: LM6172
May optionally be soldered directly or inserted in socket.

Expand for Schematics


Triple YRGB Distribution Amplifier

BOM, Build guide and Schematics

Expand for BOM
Qty Value Parts
8 100K resistor R1 - R4, R20, R21, R27, R28
20 499R resistor R5 - R19, R22 - R26
4 100n capacitor C3, C4, C5, C6
2 1N4001 diode D1, D2
2 68R ferrite bead FB1, FB2
2 LM6172 op amp U1, U2
1 2x5 (10-Pin) male header CONN1
2 10uF 25v electrolytic capacitor C1, C2
16 PJ302M jacks J1 - J16
1 6-pin female stackable header misc
1 6-pin male pin header misc

Expand for Build Guide

PCB 1:
Populate shortest parts first.

Step 1: 100k Resistors
R1-R4, R20, R21, R27, R28: 100k

Step 2: 499R Resistors
R5 - R19, R22 - R26: 499R

Step 3: beads, diodes
FB1, FB2: 68 Ohm @ 100MHz
D1, D2: 1N4001 (alternate 1N5819)

Step 4: sockets
optional: 2x 8-pin DIL sockets

Step 5: capacitors
C3 - C6: 100nF (ceramic, MMLC or film type)

PCB 2:

Step 6: resistors
R5, R11, R13, R14, R18, R19, R25, R26: 499Ohms
All resistors on this board are 499R

Step 7: PCB 1 jacks
Place jacks in pcb 1 (green). Do not solder.
Line up faceplate and add nuts to jacks. Finger tighten and once the jacks are straight, solder jacks.
Remove faceplate before step 8.

Step 8: PCB 2 jacks
Place jacks in pcb 2 (blue). Do not solder.
Line up faceplate and add nuts to jacks. Finger tighten and once the jacks are straight, solder jacks.

Place both pcbs into faceplate and tighten nuts fully.

Step 9: backside header
Users may choose to use a ribbon cable or one 6-pin stackable header and one 6-pin male pin header.
Start by connecting the male and female headers together, then insert it between the boards and solder each side.

Expand for Schematics


Great work. Happy to support and eager to build. :slight_smile: DM sent.


:point_up: would take both
Shipping to germany


Hi Pascal, any chance you’re in Berlin?

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Any of ye in need of a buffered Multiple & interested in one or both of Fox’s designs?
@horacio2222 @VanTa @destroythings

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Nope, Saarbrücken. So Far away from u.


It is the other end of Germany for sure, thanks for answering anyhow @meudiademorte :+1:t3:
@Fox, how much is the postage to Germany? It still might make more sense to ship a few to one person in Germany and they then distribute them from here, because postage within Germany is cheap. I’ve got plenty of the right angled Thonk jacks & LM6172s here.
& can even build a unit or two if someone doesn’t have the soldering know how or equipment.


I am going to find out shipping cost tomorrow. The post office has already closed today.

Looking online, a few shipping options may be:
“First-Class Package International Service” = 14.75 USD, delivery date “varies by location.”
“Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Box” = 37.45 USD, delivery may be 6-10 days.

I cannot guarantee these prices, but I will find out for sure tomorrow.

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Thanks for checking @Fox :+1:t3:
If anyone has any tips regarding good service providers or suggestions regarding postage costs to Europe, we’re all ears :blush:

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It’s hard to beat the USPS prices that Fox quoted, for individuals/small companies. (Larger companies can get negotiated rates from some shipping companies.) Shipping internationally from the US pretty much always costs a lot. Might be able to get it down a little by shipping in an envelope of some kind instead of a box (if it’s just PCBs), but then you run the risk of damage with international shipments especially.

That said, putting a few pcbs together and masking-tape them together so they don’t slide against each other makes for a pretty tough little thing. A tight sandwich of cardboard with masking-taped PCBs in between, put in some sort of envelope can be a decent method. I believe that’s how Pusherman shipments are packaged, and I’ve seen similar done with a few other PCB sellers.


It’s always been tough for individuals. I hate it when the shipping is more than the products. :scream:

Good tips. I am going to find some packaging materials to have at my house so I don’t have to buy the stuff every time I visit the post office.

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if anyone is selling built modules I’d be up for one of each


Cheers @Joem for all the tips, they’re good ones & I’ve received such a delivery a couple of times & everything was fine thankfully. Masking tap was a bit annoying but it did it’s job :+1:t3:

@Fox, I’m much happier to receive recycled materials. Firms here often have bins (yellow for recycling contents) full of clean bubble wrap & boxes of various sizes. I’ve even found padded envelopes :wink:

@wednesdayayay, I’d happily oblige but the Atlantic is an issue as well as customs. @Fox, if you’ve a bit of free time, collect some of those “value added” dollars :grinning:


I buy my packaging material at RAJA packaging. I only use paper & cardboard boxes. NO plastic!
For padding, I use a document shredder and old magazines / recycled paper


Count me in for 4 of each @Fox :+1:t3:

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2 A please! Love the parts list on the pcb

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Hey this is right on time, @Fox, I’ll get 3x Dual 1:3 Distro Amp


I’m interested in 2 PCB/panel sets of each!

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