New Visual Cortex Animation and Key Generator section is NOT malfunctioning

I have received a brand new Visual Cortex and I am seeing what appears to be a broken crossfader section (I haven’t thoroughly tested other sections though yet).
First of all, assuming the video signal is patched into the left section:
the left side input doesn’t go dark when the crossfader is moved to the right (not from modulation ramp in cycle mode, not from moving the slider).
When I patch video into the right input it works as expected.
Secondly, when the slider is moved to the left - the right ramp LED keeps blinking faintly in green that does not seem right.

I have a video of this behaviour too.

What shall I do now?

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Ilya N.

check the switches of the mixer section of the cortex are off (down position).

the “default” position for all switches of the mixer section should be down, except for the multiply/additive mode which should be center.

when multiply or additive mode is active, both channels are mixed using that analog operation (+ or x), so left input its not expected to dissapear.

also the mixer switches help you to turn on/off the colorizer


Thanks for your reply, you are right.
Sorry for wasting your time, I am new to video synthesis.


Don’t feel bad, it’s a complex module and can be confusing until you work with it for a while.

(Thanks for the help @luix)

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