Monorocket documentation

Hey, seen old vids of monorockets filled with lzx modules. Ive got a chance to buy one but I cant find any documentation online, in particular its power info. Its a 168hp 12u with 2x ver3.2 eurobus. Cant tell what the linear power is or how much headroom the 12v rails have.

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No idea

you might want to post this to a more general eurorack forum, if you don’t get the answers - I’d try muffwiggler

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Steve Rightnour might be able to answer some questions for you. Even though Monorocket is dormant, he still maintains aspects of it with Livewire:

He’s also active on Twitter and Facebook. The suggestion for checking in with Muffs is also a good one as there are tons of threads there that are accessible with the search function.

One anecdotal piece of information…when I was first thinking about getting a case years ago, the Monorocket cases seemed VERY expensive. I didn’t understand power at all though. They were over spec in a lot of ways which why they have had a use still even with changes/improvements in euro power supplies.


I have a Monorocket 9U as my main LZX case. I think it’s the 9104 or something. Been using it for years without any problems at all.

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