Modular Video Synthesis 101

A video synthesizer is an electronic instrument which creates or processes video images in real time. A modular video synthesizer is comprised of one or more electronic modules. Each module performs a specific function, such as shape generation or color mixing. Modules are connected to each other with patch cables in an open ended manner which encourages experimentation and offers a wholly immersive creative experience. A large system of modules may be purchased at once, or it may be built up over time as modules are added according to an artist’s specific creative goals.

A list of facts about LZX Industries modules for EuroRack video synthesis systems:

  • LZX Industries offers a complete product line of EuroRack format video synthesizer modules.

  • Our modules are compatible with the same EuroRack cases, power supplies and patch cables used for audio synthesizers.

  • External video inputs and outputs follow broadcast video standards: 480i/576i YPbPr Component, NTSC/PAL Composite & S-Video.

  • Signal levels are lower (1V) than most audio modules (5V-10V), but inputs are tolerant of any voltage produced by a EuroRack system. Level scaling between video and audio modules can be handled by the built in attenuators on the modules, or by a scaler module such as Bridge.

  • Our modules draw slightly more power on average than audio modules. A good budget for your EuroRack power supply is 10 mA per HP unit width of your case, per +/-12V power rails. The list below includes case and power supply recommendations that will perform well when full of our modules.

  • Our modules use wideband video components throughout. This means voltage control inputs are capable of very high frequencies, allowing signals such as camera images to modulate oscillators or VCAs.