All About TBC2 Dual Input Synchronizer

TBC2 is a swiss army knife input module which simplifies the process of getting multiple external video feeds into your LZX modular video synthesis system. Dual channel frame synchronization with genlock, time base correction, HD downscaling and format conversion, still image/loop playback and color decoding. Composite, S-Video, Component YPbPr and Component RGB inputs.

  • Still image playback and adjustable frame delay per input channel.
  • Access to color correction and scaling/cropping parameters via the RGB OLED menu.
  • Master sync generator for your entire LZX system or Memory Palace. TBC2 solves issues related to sync across the entire system. Front and rear sync input and sync output available.
  • Front SD card mount for still image loading.
  • MIDI input and thru for switching and mixing functions.
  • HD analog input up to 1080i.
  • VESA/VGA input up to 1024x768 with optional 10HP VGA+SCART expander.
  • A large number of utility features are planned for post release development, including Picture-in-Picture, video mixing, advanced color correction and pixel accurate cropping and positioning.


  • Width, 16HP
  • Mounting Depth, 42mm
  • Power +12V @ 550mA
  • Can power entirely from +12VDC barrel connector or EuroRack power rail.

Expander Module


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still image/loop playback

Do we know anything about the capabilities here? What frame size and how many frames?

These specs will be available when TBC2 begins shipping.

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