Memory Palace: Screen Burn-In, Replacement, and Screen Saver

To not get lost in another thread…The Memory Palace screen has been susceptible to burn-in when left on for hours and no screen saver mode. Is there an option to replace the screen? And not sure replacing the screen will help w/o a FW update that has a screen saver feature?


I had this issue in 2020 and am getting close to needing to replace it AGAIN!

Lars suggested replacements from It was about $11. it’s listed under 1.5 inch color OLED.

I asked LZX Jason, who has built and repaired quite a few Memory Palaces. He says, “It’s not too difficult to replace the screen, but it does require disassembling the unit pretty far. We used double stick VHB tape to mount the screen, which can be quite difficult to remove. But it is possible.”
Feel free to contact to arrange an RMA, if yours needs replacement.


I don’t see the point in replacing the screen if it just get’s burned-in again in a few years? I wouldn’t replace it until the FW catches up with screen saver mode after 10min of inactivity.


We will definitely add screensaver option to the next release of MemPal firmware, and will try to get a bugfix release out with this change in the short term.


No customer should be taking apart a mempal like this.

Agreed. I have no intentions of taking my MP apart for screen replacement. I also have no intent on requesting an RMA until the FW with screen saver is released and then send in for the updates.

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Unless it’s me :upside_down_face: but ANYTHING with ‘VHB’ should give one pause…

Just curious for the sake of issue data collection – do any of you with screen burn have a rough estimate on number of runtime hours on the module before it was noticeable?

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I for sure can’t give an exact estimate of hours. I’ve left the MP on for 2-4hrs at a time in a static state 2-3days a week over the course of a few years. Definite screen burn after 1yr, not deal breaker so never raised but hoping for a future fix.

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Maybe a stopwatch/timer can be added to the firmware so just how long a unit has been on/used can be recorded & later checked if required.

That’s a perfectly useful estimate! Thank you. I just need a rough range. Sounds like maybe 400-500 hours is when the issue starts to present itself. That’s probably just beyond the maximum time we had any unit powered on during the development period, and explains why we didn’t notice it until post-release. I want to see if that’s expected lifetime of the display, or if there’s something I can change in our SSD1351 driver that might prevent this in the future.


Mine is right about 2 years old - I noticed burn in, maybe, November or December. It was on 3-5 days a week, 2-3 hours a day.

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Seen this a bit in broadcast gear, vhs decks, displays, etc… would be nice to see in mempal,tbc2,etc…

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Could a brightness setting be possible too?