Memory Palace MIDI to/from Live (TRS In/Out)

I’m wondering if I’m missing something. Using Live to send MIDI to the MP via the TRS input.
I have control over the sliders (CC# 0 - 11) but can’t gain control over the Boolean/Switches.

I also can’t seem to get any data in to Live from the MP MIDI TRS output.

Any tips/advice?

MIDI CC & Note Control

The current MIDI implementation is basic. MIDI channel can be selected from menu page 2. Select pinout for the TRS MIDI in/thru connectors on the rear of the module.

  • MIDI CC controls all slider positions, starting with the HUE parameter at CC#0 and ending with the Y POSITION parameter at CC#11. All parameters respond to 14-bit MIDI commands, with LSB on CC#32-43.
  • MIDI Notes starting with middle C control illuminated pushbuttons, with the AB button controlled by MIDI Note #60 thru the Scroll Y responding to MIDI Note #72.

The MIDI output on Memory Palace is actually MIDI thru.

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@Z0NK0UT Thanks, I’m familiar with this info from the Memory Palace User Guide

As posted, I am getting control of the sliders (from Live to MP), but not of the push buttons. I have tried using both Live and MaxMSP to trigger the push buttons, from CC#60-71 but nothings happening?

My mistake on MIDI Out/Thru!

The buttons are MIDI notes, not CC#'s.

Yes, sorry I’m aware and have tried every note, not just 60-72, just to be sure and no luck. Is there something I’m missing?

Which OS are you using?

V19 firmware on the MP

You might try the new beta firmware. Luckily the new firmware isn’t far away.

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