Memory Palace Questions

I’m wondering if I will need any additional modules to process a video signal sent from the vidiot’s RGB outputs into the memory palace?

I also am curious about the midi implementation of the memory palace. Is it possible to change the CC#’s that control the sliders of the memory palace?
Unfortunately the controller I would be using sends specific cc#s and only two(3&9) are able to control the default cc’s for the MP’s sliders.

You can patch right out of Vidiot’s RGB jacks into Memory Palace.

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You won’t be able to change the CC#'s with the current firmware. Later versions may make it possible though.

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That would be perfect for my setup. I’m trying to control my current setup for solo A/V gigs with the MPC Live but seemingly it won’t let assign certain cc#’s.
Does LZX have or plan on making more modules with midi implementation?