LZX Patch Challenge II: The Revenge (Haunted House theme)

My apologies @Genlok if my video format’s not up to snuff. I sent a cropped version of my iphone video. Was cropped on my phone too. Hopefully it’s OK. (One of these days I’ll have a more proper way to capture video…)

Here is the documentation for our submission

^^ Album of pictures (imgur) concept, notes, reference, setup, final MP painting (no processing)
^^ composite > microSD capture sped up 20X
we recorded the whole process start to finish then sped it up if you are into seeing that kind of thing.

We made a simple concept drawing then parsed out how to make that happen with easily obtainable shapes via our drawing patch* (Rectangle, half triangle, half circle). We composited a document camera feed of a reference drawing & memory palace then started painting. We took notes of the order things got drawn as it seemed like it may take more than one try to get something that we were both happy with. After the painting was done we took out the reference picture and added in some processing using the processing patch*

once we got to a place where we were happy we did a direct capture of the component output > extron 300a > BMD hyperdeck shuttle 2 (SSD)

*drawing patch

  • Visual cortex H, V ramps > pulp logic comparators > BSO Quad mix/atten (Mix) > Doorway > MP R&A
  • Escher sketch is was used extensively for positioning and then the X&Y sliders on MP were used for fine tuning from there

*processing patch

  • MP RGB > PF > Passage > Channel B VC
  • Mapper RGB > Matrix Mixer > Channel A VC
  • doorway, PF POS&NEG, MP Luma all got multed and sent around to various places for modulation
  • 3 AR envelopes were also used
  • a composite output from MP was brought back in through an ambery composite > component box to the decoder on VC and was used to get the ghosty feedback

Good work everyone that entered! It’s gonna take me until this afternoon to get the videos edited together for voting, stay tuned.


Above and beyond! Way to take things to the next level.


Thanks for being patient, y’all. Should have the video and voting form up really soon.


Voting is up! Closes on Sunday night!



my clip was made only with DIY modules :microbe: :no_mouth:
I started with my Asymmetric Studies patch to get a creepy house-like shape, then added a lot of feedback routings with the Castle VCO (synced by that same complex shape), Flipflops en advanced color mixing, and added some pulsating animation with a LFO and touch sequencer (Rene) .
The grainy stuff comes from feedbacking the Hard Key with itself (through other modules)


Great job, everyone! Really nice patches all around. It was fun figuring out how to get the shapes constructed and composited in mine.

The front wall and door were H/V ramps into hard keyers, then mixed, then keyed again. Easy way to get a centered square or rectangle instead of a diamond. The roof is H tri mixed with V ramp keyed through Doorway (modulated Threshold with another ramp to bend the peak down). The square windows were a SC/NV pair, mirrored on the X axis. The circular window is a SC/NV pair. The vertical lines for the double door edge are vertical bars keyed against a H triangle. Curtain does some softening.

All of that got composited across two Color Chords so I could get the edge transitions right. I split that into one channel of Marble Index (dry). It also gets split into Memory Palace in Warp mode which goes into the other channel (wet) of Marble Index for the feedback effect. I key that feedback inside the bounds of the house shape by multing one of the ‘dry’ outputs of the post-Color Chords composite into the Marble Index’s Opacity input.

Several scrolling oscillators and Diver are animating the CV inputs of the shape generators. A touch of all of those are mixed with WoTA which goes into the Aux input on Memory Palace for vertex displacement.

A Befaco Muxlicer clocked by a divided down frame rate out sequences the Zoom input on Memory Palace.


Didn’t have the time to pull something together for this myself, but I’m once again impressed by the diversity of solutions!


Challenge is officially over! Happy to announce that @rempesm crushed it with almost 30% of the votes!

Everyone did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure watching every entry as they came in. I hope even more folks are encouraged to join in on our next one!

Catch Matt’s entry at 6:17

FYI: A version of this with SOUND will be available on the LZX YouTube channel very soon


Congrats @rempesm & thanks for the detailed break down in your above comment. That was an extensive patch but in the end, the result was clearly worth the effort :+1:t3:


Well deserved @rempesm, enjoy your prize :slight_smile:

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