LZX Patch Challenge 3: Flower Power

Thanks, @Jesse I appreciate the complement! I really liked the watery feedback you had going on! :heart: :sweat_smile:

The patch challenge is now public.

Thanks to all who entered and voted for another enlightening patch challenge. The artistry never fails to astound and inspire. Congrats to Matt Rempes, the reigning LZX patch challenge champ!


you had my vote, I deeply enjoyed the simplicity!


A little late responding but it was super cool seeing everyone’s entries! Some awesome stuff in there. (special shout out to @esnho 's super satisfying wiggly solid colors :star_struck:)

It was really rewarding trying to make something figurative with my modest(ish) setup. I’m working on a little patch notes video for this one, but like everything else it’ll take a minute, though I’ll be sure to share it when I’m done.


Here is the patch schematic (made with patchbook) for entry #8 meditações sobre flores.

The video actually turned out different than what was showcased in the compilation video. I recorded with the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB which has issues capturing in progressive formats. Nonetheless I encoded it properly and got the expected progressive result which displayed accordingly on my computer. Maybe my player was compensating in some way. I liked the compilation result nonetheless. For reference, here is how I see it played: https://youtu.be/7dkW0C2qedI


Just like with most things I try to get done for myself these days, this took way longer than I wanted it too…

SO. For those still interested, here is the patch breakdown for my entry, in the style of my video synth notebook videos:


What a great video! I love that it uses mostly (or exclusively?) Cadets and Castles. It’s nice to see such a clear patch explanation.

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Thanks! Yeah, there are a few visible signals modules and a NLC triple sloth in there too, but it’s all diy stuff.


Very pleasing to watch, especially with the entrancing music. Amazing video and great flower patch.

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