LZX "Flowers" Patch Challenge voting

Hi all! We had a great set of entries for this challenge. Please watch the video and then cast your vote!

Note: this video is unlisted, please avoid sharing it. A public video will be uploaded to the LZX channel next week.

Entry time list:

00:03 Entry #1: Emiliano Zzoli “An Alien Flower in the Meadow”
00:26 Entry #2: Matthew Rempes “Chroma Seed”
01:31 Entry #3: Gabriel Freed “A Chrysanthemum Grows in Brooklyn”
02:32 Entry # 4: Luka Graj “Disco Feedback”
03:34 Entry #5: Simon Häger “Floral Mural”
04:08 Entry #6: Jeffery Evergreen “The Electric Flower Bus”
05:11 Entry #7: Jesse Weidemen “Flow”
06:14 Entry #8: Gui Gaspar “Meditações Sobre Flores”
07:17 Entry #9: Matthieu Vanier “Growth”
08:20 Entry #10: Chris Johnson “Illusory Poppy Swaying in the Breeze”
09:21 Entry #11: Benjamin Crowley “Wind in Wildflower Fields”
10:14 Entry #12: Chris Korvin “Chrysanthemum Glow”
10:47 Entry #13: Joe Miragliuolo “Field of Roses”
11:12 Entry #14: James Smithwick “Garden Parade”
12:22 Entry #15: Luca esnho Moroni “Flower Springs”
12:54 Entry #16: Matt Kennedy “Regenerating Orchid”
13:55 Entry #17: Jesse Aguilar “Photosynthesis”
14:17 Entry #18: Sean Deyoe “Field Trip”
14:44 Entry #19: Nan Tang “Cannibal Overlord Flower”
15:47 Entry #20: Sean Hannan “Tulip Field Pattern”

When you are ready to vote, you can do so here: https://forms.gle/6jmowN5MuE1kHV7p7



Lots of great work there, well done!


So much variance. Great work by everyone. This is a great exercise.

I’ll work on a patch schematic as soon as possible to share it after the voting has closed. If you can share workflow later I think it would be valuable to everyone.


Inspiring stuff! Great work all!

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Another awesome round of entries, well done everyone! It was really fun figuring out how to animate this. Thought I’d just type up my patch notes if anyone is interested. All 6 shapes are generated in real time–only Warp mode / ARGB input on Memory Palace is used in this patch.

  1. The patch starts with the DAC output from Fortress creating the Grass and I manually open a Cadet Multiplier in VCA mode to let an unsynced Prismatic Ray modulate R ADC for the upward flowing particle effect.

  2. The seed is created from H/V ramps into Navigator and then into two Arches and Expo / Log outputs are faded with a Cadet Fader and keyed with a Cadet Hard Key Generator to get the oval shape. Position / rotation are manually adjusted with Navigator.

  3. The stem is a FM’d Prismatic Ray that has been keyed against a H triangle ramp. The stem gets narrower from a V ramp into the Pedestal control.

  4. The leaves are a FM’d Prismatic Ray that is also keyed against a H triangle ramp but it goes into a Memory Palace to be rotated 90 degrees / positioned.

  5. The pistil is H/V ramps into Navigator / Shapechanger. The Stencil output goes into one side of a Cadet Fader. The Gradient output goes into Doorway in Outline mode and then into the other side of the Cadet Fader.

  6. The petals are H/V ramps into Shapechanger and its Stencil output goes to Memory Palace to be mirrored on X and Y to create 4 petals and then positioned / rotated. Pendulum’s LFOs modulate various CV inputs on this Shapechanger for constant morphing of the petal shape.

All of these B&W shapes are individually fed into Cadet Faders or Multipliers for manual level control and then sent into multiple Color Chords to be colorized and composited. This final shape is multed out to several parallel processing paths, like through Doorway, Curtain, Staircase, Prismatic Ray (sync input), and Memory Palace. All of these parallel paths are then put into Marble Indexes with various outputs of each parallel processing put into the Opacity CV inputs.

All of the animations / color changes are performed with manual knob tweaking and some modded Soundmachines LS1s multed out to several CV inputs at once, e.g. the Fader for the Pistil is controlled with the same LS1 affecting the Aspect ratio control on the Petals, the X / Y and rotation for the Seed are all controlled with the same LS1, etc. The last part of the patch is the Width control in Memory Palace being modulated by two LFOs from Pendulum mixed together and the Grass appears by itself when I pull down the level on all the Faders/Multipliers for the composited flower shapes.

Lots of crosspatching the Prismatic Rays and Diver into the shape generating modules and Memory Palace’s aux/alpha inputs in vertex displacement mode for some movement.


lovely entries! The one I voted for really stood out to me.
Wish I’d have gotten things together for this one

but we are up and running now!
join us for the video chat this sunday on discord for preliminary discussions on the next community video project


I love the wide variety of entries, just like last time. And it’s a fun challenge to patch with a specific(-ish) goal in mind… That’s not how I usually do things. Nice work everyone!


Great work everyone!


Fun stuff, great work everybody :100:


Really nice stuff

@rempesm thanks for the insights on the patch!


Really lovely bouquet here y’all. Enjoyed watching each one!


Voting ends tonight at midnight, folks!


Voted! So impressed by all the entries.


we got a live demo of one of the entries in the discord video chat yesterday.
This was a great challenge I’m so happy to see this kind of creativity.
I realized after watching back some of my captures from getting the system set back up that I inadvertently made a flower patch with camera feedback!