LM6172 group buy <<we hit 500!>>

I’ll go for 15 please :slight_smile:

10 for me as well please :smiley:

Ok, I think we hit the total
It would be optimal if we got to the 500 break point.
I might order some more for myself, but not 120 more. (I’m not made of gold)

For payment and shipping:

  • people who also ordered a PCB set or kit with me, pay no extra shipping for the LM6172 ic’s.
  • people who only order the LM6172’s, there will be added shipping.

I’ll contact everybody!


I could get 5-10 more if that helps push us over the edge. May do that anyway :grinning:

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Little late to the game, but I’ll take 15 if it’s still possible.

I can get another 10 if that helps - 30 in total for me

So, in a way, we’ve already reached the next tier, because at this point it would be cheaper to order 500 than 460…


you are right! There might be some other than want to join in via muffwiggler, so I guess it is good to go

i’ll do some maths then

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An easy way to settle might be to order 500, have everyone pay at the 250 price point and maybe people can get a couple extra depending? It seems fair if @reverselandfill ends up with an extra pocket full for his trouble, too.


I’ll wait a bit to see if some extra people join in. else I propose that we follow addamm’s idea


if these are through hole I’ll take 30

maybe more if the price is right

hi. i’ll take 10, if it hits 500 total keep me posted as i may take more! thank you.

I’m in for 40
Post has to be 20 characters? There we go.

I’d like 20. Thanks.

Coming in late to this, I would like 30 if it’s still open (and you’re shipping to US.). Thanks!

gonna go ahead and mark myself for 20 more in tandem w that function gen pcb/panel you got going to the usa.

I’ll contact you all tomorrow as apparently I cannot send a lot of messages in a short time. I have to wait 22 hours now :frowning:


ok everybody is contacted!

I’ll make order the order after my holiday, at the beginning of september.
I will keep you informed :):star_struck:


Have a good holiday Martijn!

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