Liquid TV Question

I just received the Liquid TV module and had a quick question. I have tried it in three Euroracks and cannot get the monitor to so much as flicker when powered on. I have tried pressing the menu button but nothing appears on the screen. Granted I am still waiting on the video looper that I ordered from you, but should I see the screen light up when I power on the Eurorack or press the menu button? I’m so sorry if this is a premature question and the looper is on its way. I am just so excited to use it when the looper arrives and want to make sure it’s working right. Oh, and I checked the switches on the back. Any responses would be so great :pray:t2::blush:

What have you got to sync the Liquid TV?

If you dont have any source to sync to and want to run in standalone mode and change the setting on back of module.

Thanks so much for the response. I have it in standalone mode. And I just tried hooking it up to my iPad and MacBook through an HDMI to composit converter and saw a flicker, yay :grinning:, but no video, boo :unamused:. I’m Probably going to have to wait for the looper with the dedicated composit output to arrive to truly know what’s going on. I have a feeling this hdmi converter might not be up to the challenge. I’m praying this little screen works. It looks so cool in my rack.

Could it be that your PSU isn’t providing enough current? Do you have another PSU you can try it with?

I’ve tried it on three PSUs now. Each has adaquate power for the stated power requirements of the screen. I now have the LZX screen on its own power rail that has over 1amp of power (see screen shot of specs). I cannot so much as make the screen flicker or access a menu. I’m assuming it’s defective. I wouldn’t be adverse to powering it from a power adapter but what do I buy? Is it AC/DC (assuming DC) 12v, right? But how many amps? I really want this to work to rotate my logo at my shows. Can you please help or let me know how to return it for a replacement. I just got it this week from Perfect Circuit. I also bought the Andor 1. But without a screen it’s worthless. Thanks so much.

Hi @Fallinggirl . Sorry to hear your display is giving you trouble. If you’d like to try with a power adapter, here are the adapter requirements:


And here’s the “center positive” icon:

The adapter’s input could be DC or AC, just so long as it outputs 12VDC with center positive barrel plug of 2.1mm, and is rated to at least 200mA – more wouldn’t be a problem, it just won’t use the extra power.

@Fallinggirl noticed you mentioned that you are using an andor1 as the input source. Just wanted to make sure you have tested the out put of the andor1 on another monitor to confirm you are getting an image displayed outside of the liquid tv.

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@Fallinggirl I was just experimenting with my LiquidTV, and noted the menu will not show up under “VID” if it’s not receiving an external video signal. To verify if the device is working, you could switch over into “PVW” mode. Even without anything patched into the Preview ports, you should now be able to access the menu for Brightness, etc. to verify function.

This would match up with what DesertMuseum was saying – if you’re not getting a video signal over that composite RCA cable to the LiquidTV input, staying in VID mode only may make it seem like the device is unpowered.

Also, while you’re just using Eurorack power, make sure switch #16 is set to Eurorack power source, and not the 12VDC adapter connection.


I received a new LiquidTV a week or two ago, and installed it today when my new case (Mantis) arrived. It also appears to be dead. The screen was somewhat loose from the panel when I opened the box, and after testing it (with negative results) I carefully inspected the back of the module. The ribbon cable between the PCB and the display didn’t look properly inserted - a little angled, not fully in in one end. I tried to push it in very gently but it didn’t help. I have sufficient power (have tried with most other modules disconnected, and with external power), and i have tried all sync options. And double-checked that it receives valid signals. I already talked to my distributor (PatchPoint), and it will be returned on warranty.

When I saw your troubles, i just wanted to mention this - maybe there has been a bad batch?

If those of you who are having issues with this module could please take a photo of the rear of the module (all the switch settings) and the front of the module (switch settings and cables you’re using) then I can tell you if it should be working or if there’s something misconfigured with the installation.

Everything is tested before being shipped of course, but the display we’re using is an OEM one in Liquid TV, and we’ve had some fails of that assembly occasionally (less than 3 out of the 250 pc production run.) It can be a difficult module to know how to set up correctly, so lets make sure you’ve got it configured right.

Thanks - I can certainly do that, but going to bed now :slight_smile: so maybe tomorrow. However, I can assure you that I have tried all possible combinations. And I think I know what I’m doing (but you never know, of course). Still, not a single sign of life.

OK! If you suspect any LZX product is faulty we’re happy to receive it here for warranty repair/replacement any time. Just e-mail or fill out the form on the website.