Kramer VP-410 HDMI scaler

Does anyone have any experience with the Kramer VP-410 composite to HDMI scaler?

As Kramer products are not on the cheap side, I’m wondering if it has any advances over cheaper scalers.

Kramer is a very good and professional brand.
I have no experience with this scaler.
Things that matter , like resolution, speed, and so on will likely be good
Cheaper brands will have worse results.
It depends on what your purposes are. ‘pro video’ or ‘good enough’

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Out of curiosity: what would be your scaler of choice?

let’s put it like this:
If I needed a scaler and a second hand Kramer came across my search, I’d go for that one
IDK if Blackmagic makes scalers. lots for people have good stuff to say about that brand too.

I’ve had great luck with the various extron scalers and hardware boxes too
kramer is also good stuff!