Internal video feedback

I recently bought a Double Vision system and I’m looking for ways of doing video feedback without the use of a camera pointing at a screen (similar to what mr tuna does here at around 08:51 ).

Do I need additional modules or can I do it with just double vision?


If you run the system in NTSC or PAL, you could take the composite out (yellow RCA) into one of the TBC2 inputs and fade between that and you primary image via the FKG3. You would use component outs for your main output. There are a few other ways to implement feedback into a patch, however this method feeds back the entire output of the system.


That’s one good way. If you are using HD timings, you could get a component video distribution amplifier to multiply the YPbPr signal to send back into one channel of TBC2. Some capture devices and video mixers you might use at the end of your chain could also offer preview outputs to send back to TBC2.
To make feedback within the patch, simply patch any output later in the patch to an input earlier in the patch, like a Stairs output into a DSG3 ramp input. If you use stackable cables, you can also take your full RGB signal going into ESG3 and send it back to various inputs earlier in the patch.


Thanks, this worked a treat!

I used one of these basic RCA splitters on each of the RGB outputs on the ESG3 to route it back to the TBC2 and the output went completely black. I’m not sure if this was expected or maybe I was damaging/glitching the TBC2 in some way?

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I think anytime you passively split a signal like this, the db (gain or current or wtvr you want to call it) is cut in half to each side of the split. The sync part is the most sensitive to this, the others would just be half as “bright” if the sync was maintained. You need something like this to do it properly… VU001C - Triple Video Distribution Amplifier – Syntonie

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This probably explains why I was able to easily do this in the past with composite signals.

I just tried it again and I was able to get a preview of the feedback on the TBC2 but no output from the ESG3.

Thanks for this anyway, time to buy another module (my wallet won’t be happy!).

The module arrived today and it works great and now I have nice hd video feedback :slight_smile: