Internal Feedback with Visual Cortex

Greetings Fellow Vidiots!

I’ve been using my Complete Expedition Vessel System for quite a few months now, But there’s one thing that I’ve never delved into. That’s Internal Feedback using the Visual Cortex.
To elaborate, I wanted to send one of the composite video outputs from the Output Encoder back into one of the Component inputs from the Input Decoder to create a internal visual feedback loop.
But, the reason why there’s are part of me that’s put off from experimenting with this technique is due to reading past forums on other sites of people stating that “It may be harmful / bad for your system to do internal feedback”.

What are some of your experiences with Visual Cortex Internal Feedback and would you recommend it? Could it be harmful for your system in the long run?

Looking forward to hearing your inputs!




Nothing is harmed by doing the technique you describe, patch away!
The LZX standard is very feedback friendly. You can add feedback to anything simply by mixing some of the output of your patch (at any point) back with the input. Passage is a great module for this.


I’ve had success with the cables that go from mono 1/8 to composite video
you can find them in the free/unsorted bin at your local thrift shop usually


I use this feedback method with Cortex a lot and it works great!


You can also extend this form of feedback on a module by module basis.

For this you want to have mixers. mixers. mixers and some other mixers. Passage, Bridge, brownshoes Quad.

the patch below is just a template. Swap out the curtain for any other module and send the output back to the input through a mixer/crossfader. Typically mixing very small amount is all that’s necessary. around 5-25% Feedback

A good starter for this feedback patch would patch a hard-edged (keyed) signal into a mixer, and then send that mixer to Curtain. then patch the output curtain to Cortex and also take a multiple of the curtain output back to the mixers second channel. this can give you great repeating lines.

I drew the above patch as a camera based feed.

pardon the self promotion