I want one of your example systems. How can I reach a person?

Hello there. The only contact seems to be repairs? I am interested in buying a complete turnkey system. Is that possible? Thanks. JoeF.

Here is a link to the LZX website with different examples of system setups


It really depends on what your focus is and what your goals are. These examples don’t have any of the Orion series modules integrated but are a great place to start.

Hey Joe

I’m not sure there is a ‘turnkey’ system, other than the vidiot - which is just a standalone instrument, the illustrated systems are just suggestions of what modules, might go well together

this is a modular system - they should grow organically with you rather than just appear fully formed

  1. you have to learn how to use it
  2. unless you have a really specific idea of what you want to do then you could be lead on a wild goose chase - hundreds of modules, when in fact 6 are all you ever really needed - VC, Prismatic Ray, 2 Pendulums, Arch and a Staircase, for example

just get a case and order the modules that you want as they become available - they will eventually - don’t worry about putting the modules in the case yourself - unless you can’t use a screwdriver - just always remember RED STRIPE DOWN if the cable doesn’t fit, it’s probably the cable that’s at fault - so cut the small protrusion off the cable with a sharp knife and reinsert - but this is not very common - in about 30 modules, I’ve only had this issue once!!

as mentioned above working out what you want to do is a very good idea!

really the best thing to do is to get one of the smallest suggested systems, which one depending on if you already have a eurorack synthesizer, or not - and a big case (the Vessels are very nice, but expensive - tip top Mantis is a good cheaper alternative, just watch the -12v power)

At the moment I think the chances of being able to buy all the modules that you want in one go (or close to one go) are increasing as the days go by, and much better than they have been in the past, but there’s may still be a queue

which “system” were you looking at buying?

most of the modules for most of the suggested systems seem to be ‘in stock’ at the moment

well except for the important ones - Visual Cortex (hopefully in production and available shortly), Prismatic Ray (hopefully next in the queue for production) and Staircase (and again hopefully very close to the front of the queue for production) to name a few

maybe a vidiot would suit you as a starting point - but unless you can find one used or in a store that’s not been sold already - then the wait looks like til next year

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Sorry this isn’t a direct reply to the OP - but please don’t ever cut the tab off your power cables. It’s there for a reason - if the cable doesn’t have the proper key, return it from where you got it or discard it. Also - some of the LZX modules have horizontal power connector alignment so the Red Strip may not always be ‘down’ :wink:

To the OP - solid advice above about determining what’s best based on what your goals are… What type of video do you want to make?

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You’re right Bill I really shouldn’t have done it or recommend it but In my case it was a used module that I had had in a case with unshrouded power headers with “red stripe down” and moved it to a case with shrouded ones which didn’t like it when I accidentally plugged it in as keyed - so I already knew that it was only the key that was the issue and for expediencies sake I removed it and inserted the red stripe in the correct orientation - actually red stripe left I think!! :grinning:

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If the reason you want a turnkey system is so you don’t have to get all the modules yourself and put it all together, you could ask a modular synth store if they can help. Most of them get requests like that, so they build the system for the customer and the customer just pays one big lump sum for the system.

I personally think the selection process is part of the fun of modular synths, but I understand why some people just want someone to sell them an already-complete system from the get-go.

Oh, and regarding no contact info besides repairs, if you go to the About > Team section, there’s email addresses shown for everyone.

Joem and all. Thanks for the info. I have modular audio synthesis experience but was looking for a way to have a unique asset for my local music scene quickly. I figure if I was gonna drop a bunch of coin on something like this I’d like to have all I needed to get a good jump right away.
I will follow everyones suggestion and go slow. Thanks. JoeF.

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I wish we could offer full systems! Unfortunately the stock levels of all the modules fluctuate too much to ever get us to the point where we’ve been able to build up complete sets and have them stocked and for sale. Keep in mind that this is a small business – we build in batches between 50 and 200 units at a time, and it requires some patience to build up your desired system. With our supply chain on lock coming out of this quarter, I’m hoping we can do much better in this regard going into 2019. Be sure to check in with our various retailers if there’s something we don’t have in stock in the building here.

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