How to convert full color ntsc video to lzx format?

hi there-

I would like to know if I am capable of building/buying something that converts full color ntsc video into the lzx format. (I am sure the TBC2 would work great for this purpose but…)

I have a memory palace which I would like to recieve the lzx format signal.

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you are going to want a TBC2 or a visual cortex + ambery composite to component box + visual cortex expander module
I’m not real sure about the chromagnon as far as external signals but I think it would also fit the need here too

you are sure the TBC2 would work great but…what?

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TBC2 or Chromagnon will be great pals for your Palace; both decode composite video in full color.


A clunkier but possibly cheaper way you could achieve this is with a genlockable scan converter and some Cadet Video Inputs.

For full color NTSC composite input, you’d need 3x Cadet IIIs (or 4 if you want Luma in too), an Extron VSC700, a VGA to RGBHV adapter, a composite to VGA converter, and a handful of BNC to composite adapters.

Full color NTSC composite -> composite to VGA converter
VGA signal -> VGA to RGBHV adapter
RGBHV adapter -> Extron VSC700 BNC inputs
Extron R/R-Y, G/Y, and B/B-Y outs -> 3x Cadet IIIs composite inputs for patchable RGB
Extron Vid Out -> 1x Cadet III for patchable B&W Luma

Memory Palace acts as primary sync by sending its composite Video 1 or 2 out to the Genlock In BNC on the Extron VSC700 otherwise you’ll be scrolling. :slight_smile:

I can’t remember the exact settings I put my VSC700 on but I recall fiddling with it to get colors looking right since it can output a couple different formats. You’ll need to get your Cadet IIIs’ brightness/contrast set pretty precisely too to accurately represent the original color mix but it’s more interesting to have control over it.

TBC2 is clearly more elegant but this has worked for me.

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thanks for the tips! i’ll go about putting these into practice. i’ve had some success with a sony mpu-f100, but i’m not sure if i can get the sync to work.

turns out, by creatively interpreting some of your advice (@rempesm) i was able to get the sync to work too! (i.e., i routed one of the memory palace ntsc outputs into a mysterious unlabeled input on the mpu-f100 which allowed it to sync)

ironic, given that the mpu-f100 is essentially a TBC/framebuffer.