How is the Pendulum different from an audio LFO?

Hi. How is the Pendulum any different from any LFO I have in my audio system? What is a ‘video rate’ LFO?

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Pendulum is a sub audio rate modulator like any other LFO, the key difference is that it’s range is only 0-1V instead of 0-5 or -5-+5. Pendulum does not produce video rate signals, but it does have a crossfader that can accept video signals, which the LFOs can also be selectively mixed into for animation.


The crossfader section is real nice. Like Genlok mentioned biggest difference is voltage spec. You can use any of your LFOs from you audio system and use a Bridge (or older discontinued LZX modules like Voltage Bridge, Scaler) to match the LZX voltage range. It’s nice to have a Pendulum though, and mix match above options.

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Brownshoesonly 5:1 is also super useful for using 5V gear as well. I have a bridge and 5:1, helps since I have enough outputs in 5V range to use both. And sometimes the bridge extra features are quite useful too.


So much to do with the Pendulum. Far more than an LFO.