HDMI To YPbPr doesn’t seem to work

I got this HDMI To YPbPr adapter from Amazon. When I plugged it into the Andor 1 media player, the genlock light on Video Cortex flashes orange, and there is no image on my monitor. When I plugged it in my video camera, there is no signal at all into the Video Cortex, not on my monitor. Can someone recommend an HDMI To YPbPr adaptor that works?

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Bit hard to tell from the photo, but is that unplugged USB cord part of the converter? If that’s this (edit: wrong link here before) unit I believe it needs that connected to a 5V DC power supply, like a phone charger. Also maybe good to try out with some other equipment if you can, like maybe HDMI out from your computer/video game console/media player -> converter -> YPbPr input on a TV? I’ve also had a couple cheap A/V converters off Amazon that were totally DOA. I’ve seen Youtube videos where people have cracked em open and fixed up bad solder joints, but that’s certainly a last resort.

Also, is there a resolution button? You might need to cycle through all the available output resolutions until you get the right one for the Visual Cortex. But if you’re getting no output signal at all, it must be lack of power, as @csboling says.

There are some HDMI to YPbPr component recommendations in the “Mac Laptop into Visual Cortex” thread, but I believe only the one mentioned by @GaelJaton has been successfully proved to work. If you get yours to work, please let us know.

This unit doesn’t have the option to plug into a power supply. I suspect it is underpowered however. I will try with some other unit that has power. Thanks.

Have you tried connecting the USB cable to a laptop or a phone charger? That should be enough.