HDMI preview monitor recommendations

Not an OLED, but I’ve been using a Sony 42"(?) LCD screen for years as a main monitor for video synthesis - it’s fine, no screen burn etc… it even does pretty decent scaling from SD component to whatever resolution it’s using… it’s probably about 10 years old now… & I won’t be replacing it anytime soon…


I’ve got a lg A1 in the studio I can use. I ended up buying this after having bought a C1 a couple years ago and loving the watching experience.
The A1 is a stripped down version of the C1 but I don’t need 120Hz or HDMI 2.1 for the studio ATM.

I am very conscious about what I use on these TVs and for how long. Probably much more that I need to be.

I also wonder about potential differences between the units.

the OLED isn’t my only output monitor so I really only use it when I want that kind of view.

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OLEDs really are something special!

Have you had any screen burn/issues with them so far for video synthing stuffs?

no neither of them have any kind of screen burn in

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Also looking for recomendations especially models easy to find from europe/germany/switzerland…

Love the seetech and its variety of inputs, the 13” is great and I like the smaller dot pitch and footprint than the 17”, but in hindsight maybe 17” is great too. Color and screen is great.

I also got a BM video assist 7” 12g recently and that screen is super good, HDR screens with video synthesis are superb. Side by side with seetech and you see a big difference in saturation and color, seetech almost looks washed out in comparison, but maybe I should tweek seetech’s brightness and contrast a bit :joy:

I wonder about using a broadcast safe limiter on your output inline before an OLED panel, might help prevent any worries if setup right.

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for preview monitors, especially, I’d be tempted to just look for cheap flat screen tvs off ebay/facebook marketplace etc etc - decent brand smallish ones can be had for very little - brightness and contrast can be adjusted to get decent colour etc… especially if you look around a bit - I got 4*9" jvc crt pvms for 40 quid each and an ok 14" portable crt tv for 15 quid, for example

Check the Mentioned seetec monitor

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What about this Seetec model FPV-819A?

Should be fine for sd stuff. If you need a cheap option and want hd/sd timings check the lillyput as7 (±100 euro on ebay kleinanzeigen). But Hdmi in & out. I use it on my bm intensity shuttle hdmi out or on the bm updowncrosshd hdmi output.

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I have two 7” Lilliput too for mixer preview monitors, recommended. :blush::+1:

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One of these 7" Lilliput, a year later the panel is bugging a bit, lines on the left side of picture, was quoted need to pay shipping and $90 to repair, just been living with it for the moment since it’s a $160 item.