Gremlins caused by a Bad HDMI Splitter

I’ve just been through a few hours of troubleshooting. Maybe posting this will save someone else from wasting a lot of time.

The bottom line is that my HDMI splitter will consistently fail. The device fails only when displaying color output from one of the graphics programs running on my NVIDIA Jetson Nano.

I’ve had a few of the “OREI HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out” splitters with no issues until yesterday.

The long story:

I have a Jetson Nano that I use to create videos using modified versions of the CUDA samples. The output from the Nano goes into a 3-to-1 HDMI switch along with the VCR and DVD player. The switch output goes into the splitter. One of the split outputs goes to the monitor, the second goes into a BMD HDMI to SDI 3G micro converter. The SDI out goes into the BMD HyperDeck Studio HD Mini for recording.

When I use a function key to change to a color mix, the HyperDeck Studio will display a blank screen. I’ve looked at the source code, the only thing that happens is changing the variables for the colors.

When I remove the OREI HDMI Splitter from the signal path, the HyperDeck will correctly display the video.

I’ve also tried adding a BMD UpDownCross between the HDMI to SDI and the HyperDeck, no luck,

I have a simple workaround for this, so I’m giving up on this. I’ve spent a few hours trying to narrow this down to the splitter.

It’s strange that other CUDA programs on the Nano don’t have this problem with the splitter.

Also strange that the video is correctly displayed on the monitor, but the second output to the HyperDeck is not recognized.

I’ve tried swapping cables, using a second HDMI to SDI, multiple UpDowCross, etc. with no luck.

This is one of the strangest issues I’ve seen and I have 40+ years in IT. It’s a mystery to me.