Extra gain for HDMI/DVI sources?

I’m messing around with the HDMI output of a Neon Captain ‘Radiator’, a Roland V-02HD, and a couple of shitty Amazon HDMI splitters.

Feedback is super touchy. The ‘sweet spot’ seems very limited- adding gain seems like it would open up the possibilities.

Is there a cheap box that adds gain to HDMI? Or DVI?

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I doubt there would be such a thing, at least not a cheap one. Since HDMI is a digital signal, no brightness is lost during transmission, so for most uses of HDMI there’s no need to add gain. Yours is unfortunately a special case, one that’s most likely to come up in pro video areas, so most fixes will be pro-priced.

(I’d love to be proven wrong! I want more cheap HDMI video gear!)

Maybe an HDMI mixer or switcher might work? Unfortunately those aren’t exactly what I’d call cheap, but there are some like the Blackmagic ATEM Mini in the $250-$300 range, or the Roland V-1HD for around $600. (I think those have a lot of settings, but I don’t actually know if they can specifically add gain. Someone else here probably has some experience.)


Excellent point! Yeah- cheap would be nice, but expensive could be ok if it works.

I’d like to hear about any possible solution, cheap or expensive. The line between is kinda blurry here anyway- maybe everything is expensive in this world?

Maybe an Extron or Kramer scaler/switcher with HDMI in and out - hopefully be able to find something second hand with affordable price
These should have more image processing options than just brightness (ie colour, contrast and even size/position) which would add a lot to feedback

You could capture the Radiator HDMI with a Mac via a Magewell, process the signal through a VDMX color filter then send the Mac’s HDMI or DVI to your Roland